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Old Quay Road, Cultra - Belfast Architect

   Mount Business & Conference Centre, Woodstock Link, Belfast

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Old Quay Road, Cultra

Old Quay Road, Cultra

Construction of a new two storey family home, incorporating a large first floor level kitchen/living space to benefit from sea views over Belfast Lough, and with a frameless glass and timber feature staircase leading from the entrance lobby up to first floor level.  A large glazed rooflight fills the stair hall and first floor landing with natural light, and the main living space at first floor level, which is enclosed under a pitched roof, features an exposed sloping ceiling with timber trusses, and a high level glazed east-facing gable end which extends to the roof apex.  The site constraints associated with this house were extremely restrictive, with existing properties surrounding the site on three sides, and windows to habitable rooms only permitted by the planning department from two of the four aspects, to protect privacy to the surrounding ownerships. 

The dwelling was constructed as a insulated timber frame behind a rendered blockwork rainscreen in accordance with the Passivehaus concept, with 140mm insulation within the timber frame, an internal lining of 60mm PIR insulation fixed inside the frame, an Isover airtight climate control membrane, internal service cavity, and internal plasterboard lining.  The pitched roof was insulated as a warm roof construction, with 150mm PIR insulation fixed between and above the rafters and the Isover air-tight climate control membrane fixed beneath the rafter line.  The flat roof, which extends around the side and rear of the property, is a warm roof construction with 150mm PIR insulation fixed over the flat roof deck, and a 4x2m triple glazed rooflight positioned over the double height stair void.

The house includes a mechanical ventilation and heat recovery system, gas-fired central heating and underfloor room heating throughout, with solar panels externally mounted on the south facing flat roof at first floor level concealed from view at street level behind the front elevation pitched roof.

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