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Claggan Lane, Cookstown - Belfast Architect

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Claggan Lane, Cookstown

Claggan Lane, Cookstown

The project brief was to create a new-build single storey dwelling for a retired couple, on the site of a derelict farm on the outskirts of Cookstown.   The existing site had previously been granted planning permission for a single storey dwelling, but in the course of design development, the planning department agreed to the inclusion of a partial first floor as the traditional rural form of varying rooflines was better suited to a two storey farmhouse-type dwelling than a long, single storey roof which would otherwise have resulted.

The design was prepared for single storey living accommodation for the retiring couple with all principle rooms facing the best views over the surrounding farmland, and oriented to maximise daylight to the principle rooms.  The house was designed with a traditional slate roof and painted render walls to blend un-obstrusively into the landscape, using sandstone cladding as a focal point to the entrance porch, and with a gravel driveway forming an informal enclosed courtyard.   The building footprint consists of two wings slightly offset similar to a curved form, to soften the visual impact of an elongated entrance elevation that might otherwise have appeared overwhelming.   The resulting visual impression is of a comfortable modest family home, nestled into the landscape.  

The property was built using traditional cavity blockwork construction, underfloor heating, and a Positive Input Ventilation system, a low-tech alternative to window trickle ventilators.

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